Stena Code of Conduct

Our Belfast – Glasgow Express Service has been developed in partnership with Stena Line.
The Stena Superfast ferry is the largest, most luxurious ferry to Scotland providing the best ferry experience on the Irish Sea! Whilst you’re on-board there’s lots to enjoy.

Here’s a brief overview of the Stena Line code of conduct for passengers which are designed to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience whilst on-board.

A Smooth Crossing: advice from Stena Line

Dear Guest,

Thank you for choosing to travel with Stena Line. In order to ensure a safe and pleasant journey for all our guests, can we ask for your full co-operation with the following code of conduct.


Over exuberance can often offend others. Anyone behaving in a rude, rowdy, aggressive or socially unacceptable manner will be refused the right to travel.


Please do not bring your own. Alcohol cannot be brought on board and will be confiscated. Anyone deemed to be unfit for travel either due to alcohol or other substances will be refused the right to travel.


The singing of political and/or football chants is unacceptable and may offend others. Anyone persisting in singing offensive songs or chants will be refused the right to travel.


Different colours on the same ship don’t always mix. It would be preferable when travelling that any sporting colours including shirts and scarves are not worn. We reserve the right to refuse travel should our staff or security feel that safety or pleasant ambience could be jeopardised. We strongly recommend that colours aren’t worn or are properly covered.


Smoking including e-cigarettes is only permitted in designated areas in ports and on board. Anyone failing to comply will be refused the right to travel.


Stewards must take accountability for their group and remain with their party throughout the trip. Stena Line may request the assistance of stewards and therefore it’s vital that these persons are aware of our requirements and remain in control of their group. Groups failing to nominate stewards will be refused permission to travel. Stewards failing to comply with Stena Line requirements will result in the party being refused the right to travel.

It is essential that all points on the Code of Conduct are strictly followed. Failure to comply will result in the individual, party or entire group being refused boarding or banned from future travel with Stena Line.

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