September, as always, brings the annual migration of many students from their native habitat to college or university moving away from the safety of the family home, often for the first time.

The cost of moving into your new accommodation can quickly spiral, particularly for new undergraduates starting off for the first time, particularly if flights are involved.

A whole industry has grown up offering student packs delivered to your university before you arrive. While these starter packs can be a good option for some, we believe it is often easier to put these packs together yourself often at a considerably lower cost. Remember, it’s usually the convenience and delivery that you end up paying a premium! It’s also worth remembering that you will be moving out again next June so you shouldn’t forget about the costs of return shipping.

We believe putting together your own starter kit can save you over £100…

So, what should you buy and where?

Check out these huge savings available if you put your own pack together…

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Luxury Student All in One Pack at £199.99

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Argos – Home 20 Piece Kitchen Essentials Starter Set at £22

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IKEA – FÄRGRIK 18-piece dinnerware service at £22

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IKEA – KUNGSBLOMMA Quilt cover and pillowcase at £19

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Our top tips to get the best out of your moving budget:

  1. If you are staying in halls of residence, check out what’s already provided. Some halls will provide noticeboards, desk lamps, waste bins, clothes drying racks, ironing boards and irons, vacuum cleaners, kettles, toasters, microwaves, etc. A few even provide bedding, though you might prefer your own. If you are sharing, also check out what housemates might be bringing, to avoid multiples.
  2. Check out the popular student starter park websites such as,, etc. for ideas and then put together your own pack to make your budget go further. A good tip is to look where these packs have bulked things out with items such as tea towels, cooking utensils, etc. that you can pick up cheaply somewhere else.
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