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Safety on our coaches

Hannon Coach

Safety on our coaches

with Hannon Coach

Every one of our coaches is supplied with as much school-friendly equipment as possible…
All of our coaches are fitted with full threepoint lap and shoulder seatbelts rather than
simple two-point waist restraints.

All our coaches are equipped with a school friendly first aid box.

  • Low-allergy and latex-free dressings and plasters
  • Clinical Forehead Thermometer

Unfortunately, some children (and teachers) can suffer from travel sickness. We provide hypaclean, queezy bags on all our coaches just in case they are needed.

Even on the seemingly simplest trip, there is inevitably one child that winds up inexplicably soaked through. Our on-board foil blankets are a great way to quickly stop rapid heat loss.

Complimentary high visibility safety bibs supplied…

The child’s welfare & safety is paramount. HANNON Coach supply complimentary high visibility safety bibs with all Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 trips …
Complimentary high visibility safety bibs supplied with all Key Stage 1 trips…
…with the added comfort of our unique trip organiser notification service.

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