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Handy tips for you trip

Hannon Coach

Handy tips for you trip

by Hannon Coach

Coach overseer
It is useful to appoint a single teacher or escort as the ‘Coach Overseer’. The Coach Overseer can
liaise with the driver to make sure that all children are accounted for, all bags are stowed safely and
that all children are seated and wearing their seat belts before the coach departs.

Seat belts
All our coaches are fitted with full 3-point seat belts rather than simple two-point waist restraints.
That means that you can be assured that your pupils are travelling in maximum safety. HANNON
Coach has a policy that belts are mandatory and must be worn at all times for all school trips.
It is useful to tell the children that the coach driver will not depart unless all of them are wearing their
seat belts. This really helps to encourage the children use the seat belts.

If pupils are expected to bring a packed lunch, it’s a good idea to store the lunches along with the
other bags in the luggage hold rather than inside the passenger compartment. If the children have
easy access to their lunch they can be tempted to ‘snack early’ which can increase the likelihood of
becoming travel sick. Pupils should, however, be encouraged to bring water on-board, again this can
help avoid travel sickness.

Seat allocation
It makes a great deal of sense to allocate each pupil a seat which becomes their responsibility. In our
experience this minimises any potential for things coats, water, trip materials, etc. being lost.

Teacher/escort seating
We recommend teachers or escorts are positioned near all emergency exits to help with safety in the
event the coach needs evacuated. Generally, emergency exits are at the rear and the middle of the
coach – having a teacher in these locations can also help maintain discipline.

We have found that, rather than leave the toilet door unlocked, it is best to provide teachers with the
key to the on-board toilet. It is important that children do not use the toilet without an adult being
aware. This ensures that you are aware if any child is feeling unwell, etc. before they enter the toilet.

We can supply coaches are fitted with DVD player. However, we do not provide the actual DVD. In
our experience, it is better if DVD’s are chosen and supplied by the school to ensure they are
appropriate for the age group.

Every one of our coaches is supplied with as much school-friendly safety equipment as possible
including an on-board, low allergenic First-Aid kit.
However, on any school trip with a large number of children we recommend a trained first aider is in
attendance with a portable first aid kit and any necessary asthma pumps, etc.
It is also a good idea to ensure parents have authorised teachers to administer first aid and provide
anaesthetic in case of emergency. This can be included in your permission slips.

Our drivers
All HANNON Coach drivers go through a rigorous selection procedure to ensure only those with
exceptional customer service skills join our successful team.
Choosing drivers with the right personality ensures our customers receive the kind of care and
attention to detail they deserve.
From experience, we know that knowledgeable, professional, safe and friendly drivers will make your
journey a pleasurable one.

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