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Driving Standards

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Our team of professional, friendly drivers have many years of tours experience. Our drivers pride themselves on their attention to detail, personal appearance and willingness to go the extra mile to make sure that each guest enjoys a positive experience.  Our drivers will always be in full uniform, will be experienced in the geographical area to which they are assigned, be fluent in English and have familiarised themselves with a full working knowledge of the itinerary routes, areas and specifics of the tour before its start.

Throughout the tour, our drivers will assist passengers boarding and alighting from the vehicle, keep a vigilant watch on clients’ baggage and ensure that it is correctly reloaded at all departure points.

In addition to the statutory PCV driving licence, our drivers undergo regular refresher training in customer care and safety, responsible driving and changes in legislation.  We have a detailed, written Driver Handbook which is regularly updated and subject to strict version control.  All our drivers have been trained, read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions set out in the Drivers Manual.


training and investment

We believe in investing in our staff and their development through training. The continual improvement of our service is dependent upon regular training and development of the skills of our workforce. We also encourage our staff to achieve career progression through NVQs.

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