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Cairnryan Stena Line Terminal

The stop is located at roundabout outside Marks & Spencers

Cairnryan Stena Line Terminal

There is no need to get off the coach when boarding.  We have already checked you in and will drive you onto the ferry.

During the crossing you are free to use the wide range of passenger facilities available within the passenger areas.

Passengers  are reminded to listen carefully to on-board announcements and return to the coach promptly when advised to do so.

Passengers cannot be picked-up or set-down at Cairnryan Stena Line Terminal

Express Service arrives in Glasgow, Buchanan Bus Station

Telephone bookings

    • Prefer to book by phone?  No problem, our offices are open Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm.  For groups of 10+ it is easiest to book by phone.

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