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Belfast, Stena Line Terminal

Located directly outside Stena Line Victoria Terminal 4 Departures Hall

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Belfast, Stena Line Terminal – Glasgow £39 each way.

  • Price includes all fees and cost of the ferry.  Hannon Coach passengers can avail of Stena Line waiting facilities.  Parking available
  • Express Service arrives in Glasgow, Buchanan Bus Station
  • There is no need to get off the coach when boarding.  We have already checked you in and will drive you onto the ferry.
  • During the crossing you are free to use the wide range of passenger facilities available within the passenger areas.
  • Passengers  are reminded to listen carefully to on-board announcements and return to the coach promptly when advised to do so.

Telephone bookings

    • Prefer to book by phone?  No problem, our offices are open Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm.  For groups of 10+ it is easiest to book by phone.

+44 (0)28 92650700

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